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myofascial release?

What is myofascial release?

Myofascial release is a type of soft tissue therapy aimed at breaking down scar tissue that may have formed between the muscles and fascia. Scar tissue, as its name suggests, is the buildup of repair tissue after an injury. In an ideal scenario, scar tissue would form parallel with the muscle fibers and eliminate the need for therapy. However, scar tissue tends to form in all directions at the site of the injured area resulting in restricted motion in those areas. Dr. Guillemette uses muscle-specific motion in conjunction with applied restricted forces in order to break down the scar tissue that has built up.  

Myofascial release is a great therapy used to help athletes with chronic or acute muscle pains. It is also a great therapy to be used after an injury in order to ensure tissue healing is done in the proper direction.

Shoulder pain

Arm pain / Shoulder pain

Arm pain and shoulder pain can be crippling conditions. There are all sorts of reasons that people suffering from these pains. Some of the most common diagnosis are tennis elbow, golfers elbow, carpal tunnel, and rotator cuff problems. However, one of the key similarities with all theses conditions is soft tissue and muscles abnormalities. This is one of the reasons why Dr. Guillemette provides soft tissue and muscles therapy at both his Ottawa and Orleans location. With active soft tissue therapy and massage Dr. Guillemette can release tense muscles, entrapped nerves (neuropathies), and inflamed tendons. 

Arm pain

Common Conditions for Arm Pain

Rotator Cuff Problems

Shoulder pain can often be attributed too problems with the rotator cuff muscles. It's always important to look at the four main muscles of the rotator cuff which are the subscapularis, infraspinatous, teres minor, and supraspinaotus muscles. If there's nothing wrong with them, you should always evaluated larger supporting muscles to make sure they are fine as well. If you can rehabilitated the right muscles your shoulder pain is likely to go away.  

Carpel Tunnel

Pain on the first three fingers on your hand starting with your thumb is often a good indicator that you may be suffering from Carpal Tunnel. Carpel Tunnel syndrome is a common hand pain that often result in surgery, but does it have to? Like most of your extremities you wrists can be stretched, adjusted, and worked on. Soft tissue therapy can be extremity helpful at relieving the pressure on the nerves going through the carpal tunnel. 

Golfers Elbow

Pain on the inside portion of your elbow can be an indicator that you are suffering from Golfer elbow. Stretches with soft tissue therapy can be extremely helpful in rehabbing that arm pain. With myofascial release you can apply active movements to help improve the speed of recovery. 

Tennis Elbow

Tennis elbow is very similar to golfers elbow but the pain is often located on the outside aspect of your elbow. Treatments strategies can change but a simple approach of stretching with myoafascial release is often all you need to get the arm pain to disappear. 

Leg pain / Hip pain

Leg pain / Hip pain

Most people will suffer from leg or hip pain at one point or another throughout their lifetime. Figuring out what's causing the leg pain / hip pain can be challenging. It's always important to look at every component that plays an effect on the biomechanics leading into the area concern. Is it the structural/bone that's causing the pain, is it the muscles, is it the tendons, maybe a bursa, or even potentially a meniscus. All these different components need to be looked at in order to properly differentiate the cause of the leg/ hip pain. 

Common Causes for Leg Pain


Sciatic pain is a common condition for many individuals. It is also very commonly miss diagnosed. Typically true sciatic pain will cause pain in the leg that is felt typically below the knee. However, the nerve bundle itself can be compressed high upper in the gluteal area. Finding things that recreate the pain can be extremely helpful in getting a proper diagnosis. 


Piriiformis syndrome is typically one cause of sciatic pain. Your piriformis muscles is a deep muscles in the buttocks area. When the piriformis muscles is inflamed in could cause a neuropathy resulting in sciatic pain in the leg.


One of the most common cause of leg pain is meniscus problems. Often the meniscus in the knee can be over exerted due to extensive stresses on the knee. This can often cause sharp pain around the knee joint. Providing the knee with some mobilization, decompression, stretch, and exercises can often be very helpful for relieving the knee pain. 


While considering leg pain or hip pain, it's always extremely important too considering the foot as a potential contributor. Your foot can lock up much like any joint in your body which can lead to improper biomechanical stresses on your knees and hips. That's why you should always get your feet looked at when you're suffering from leg pain or hip pain. 

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