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Back pain and neck pain spine

Dr. Guillemette is a chiropractor with the goal to help you regain and/or maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

Chiropractors make sure the joints and bones of your body are moving freely and without restrictions. When restricted motion is diagnosed, we apply manipulation to those areas in order to restore proper biomechanics. Motion is restored primarily through specific adjustments that are performed manually or instrumentally. 

Soft tissue therapies are often used in conjunction with adjustments to break down any adhesions found within the joints or muscles. 

Is chiropractic care only for people who are in pain?

The reasons for visiting a chiropractor are not always apparent. For the most part, individuals seeking chiropractic care often have some sort of health complaint or concern for which they require help. However and equally important, chiropractic care is a great lifestyle choice for individuals as a preventative solution to chronic pains and ailments. Receiving regular chiropractic care can enable your body to maintain proper homeostasis to avoid potential health concerns such as the common cold, neck pain, back pain, migraines, balance problems, and many more common everyday health concerns.

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